Killer Kross Shoot Interview

This interview was a tell all from his early days before he got in the business as a private bodyguard, you will hear some amazing stories on the risks and adventures of that profession.  We talk to him about breaking into the business in Las Vegas and what Disco Inferno meant to him as his mentor early on.  Kross also discusses working for indy companies like Paragon and Future Stars of Wrestling. 

Killer Kross has also made a name for himself in Japan working for IGF and what it was like being around the legendary Antonio Inoki.  We talk all about all the popular companies such as Global Force Wrestling, Lucha Underground, working for AAA their culture and the recent passing of La Parka. We also asked him about House of Hardcore and what it was like to make his debut at the infamous ECW arena, Joey Ryan’s bar wrestling and all the top indy names that are on the scene that he crossed paths with before signing with Impact Wrestling.  We talk about his entire Impact run and so much more on his exit from the company and where it might lead him to. More stories from MLW, ROH and so much more in this amazing interview with Pro Wrestling next big thing Killer Kross.

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Face Off Vol. 19 – Billy Jack Haynes & Devon Nicholson

It was supposed to be another quick interview between Billy Jack Haynes and Devon Nicholson but things quickly spiraled out of control during wrestle mania weekend in 2019 IN NYC. Devon Nicholson was shooting video for his youtube channel and verbally went on the attack pushing one of pro wrestlings toughest individuals against the wall with some hard hitting questions and button pushing motives that got very intense. With in minutes of the interview Billy Jack went on the defensive and looked like he wanted to get physical with Devon for asking him about his past interviews and it quickly turned ugly. Devon had a lot on his plate and took the high road and cut the interview short as it looked like Billy wanted to shoot on him. After that interview aired Billy Jack took to twitter and verbally attacked Devon who did not back down. The twitter war was out of control with challenges and counter challenges being thrown out. It was not until Billy Jack Haynes came to RF VIDEO and offered to fight Devon in a shoot match in Philadelphia did we get the idea to do our newest Face Off between both men. Things did get out of control and the interview takes many twists and turns. This is your chance to see RF VIDEO’s newest Face off between Billy Jack Haynes and Devon Nicholson.

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Dean Malenko Shoot Interview

There are very few men in this business that are considered the best at what they do but make no mistakes about it, this man, the man with a 1000 holds is up there on that list and respected by everyone on a global level. Dean Malenko for the first time ever sits down with RF VIDEO to discuss his entire wrestling career and holds nothing back, even discussing the biggest tragedy’s that shook the wrestling world in the mid 2000’s with Eddy Guerrero and Chris Benoit. We cover his entire career from what it was like growing up in a wrestling family. When did his dad smarten him up to the business What are his early memories getting into the business as you will hear it all.

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Killer Kross Shoot Interview Face Off Vol. 19 – Billy Jack Haynes & Devon Nicholson Dean Malenko Shoot Interview

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