Behind Closed Doors with Raven Vol. 3 – The Portland Years

It’s time to hop into the time machine because we’re heading back to Portland, OR in 1989! Raven and Rob Feinstein watch and relive almost 2-hours of classic matches and angles that started it all for Raven as “Scotty The Body”. Raven dissects and explains all his early angles and matches and gives insight to how they came to be. Listen as he gives some insider tips for to things that worked or didn’t work at the time. Raven holds nothing back telling some of the funniest stories that relates to guys he wrestled with at the time like Rip Oliver, Johnathan Boyd, Art Barr, Roddy Piper, Rex King, Steve Doll, Al Madril and so many other major names. Watching the old footage with him was just amazing as I was able to pick his brain all about the territory. There are tons of stories on rats, partying and of course locker room lessons that can be learned. If you loved Portland wrestling and you love Raven this is a must watch.

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Talking The Bases with Tommy Dreamer & Lenny Dykstra

“When I was asked to sit down and interview Lenny Dykstra I was instantly thrown back to a 15 year old kid rooting his beloved Mets to the World Series. Lenny Dykstra epitomized all that I feel a baseball player should be competitive, play hard and be a great teammate. After meeting him for 5 minutes I realized never have any preconceived opinions about someone, I realized we had a lot in common. How can a wrestler and a baseball player have so much in common? In this interview I learned the passion, drive and sacrifice to play the game at a pro level. Having a mind for the business like I’ve never seen. Lenny Dykstra is No Politics, No BS, Just Baseball. He was the heart & soul of the Mets and Phillies and did whatever he could for the fans, sound familiar?” – Tommy Dreamer

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Monday Night Wars Debate with Eric Bischoff & Bruce Prichard

Two men who played integral roles on the battlefield were WCW€™’s Eric Bischoff and WWE€™’s Bruce Pritchard. Both men served as guiding forces behind the creative direction of their respective companies and have a unique and different perspective on what it was like on the front lines of the most competitive period of the business. Chris Jericho sat down with the two controversial wrestling minds to moderate a debate centering on that fabled time period, and the results yielded some insight behind the thought processes of the two ratings powerhouses. While some of this material has been covered before, it was interesting to hear the angles and stunts laid out in a point-counterpoint fashion.

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Behind Closed Doors with Raven Vol. 3 – The Portland Years Talking The Bases with Tommy Dreamer & Lenny Dykstra Monday Night Wars Debate with Eric Bischoff & Bruce Prichard

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