Reflections with Lex Luger – The Long Road To Redemption

What compels a man who seemingly has it all to let everything slip through his fingers? How can a man so physically powerful push his body and mind to the point of no return?
When you lose touch with yourself, when everything you have ever known shatters before your eyes, could you pick up the pieces and continue or let the weight of the world destroy you?

The total package Lex Luger was just such a man. Thrust into the world of professional wrestling on his physical gifts alone he was on the fast tract to stardom. Hear Lex tell of the bond that he shared with legendary trainer Hiro Matsuda as he guided him and sheltered him on his rise to fame. His peers perhaps jealous of the chances he received Lex was a loner in the sea of swimming sharks. The line between confidence and arrogance blurred as he talks about his rise to fame.

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Reflections with Lanny Poffo – Memories of the Macho Man

RF Video kicks off the brand new ‘Reflections’ series with “Memories of the Macho Man” with Lanny Poffo. We were honored to have Lanny be the first ever guest to sit down in the chair of reflections. It was a crisp autumn morning as the waiter prepared hot tea on the table that separated host Timothy Embler and Lanny Poffo. The interview began with big smiles and a hearty handshake as Lanny began telling stories of a young Randy Savage long before the Man became Macho. What it was like walking the isles of high school with his older brother. Living in a household with a father with a special value system and watching his mother cringe as both boys followed career paths of dangerous athletics. While Lanny would immediately gravitate toward the world of professional wrestling it would take his older brother some time to find his way to the squared circle. Although they shared the bond of brotherhood they were two individuals who viewed life very different. Lanny, living by the code of what others may do or say will never effect him as long as I he is true to himself, while Randy would hold his emotions with an iron fist as grudges and jilted memories would not fade with time…

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Swoggle Shoot Interview

Big things come in small packages and nobody has a bigger heart and passion for this business than former WWE superstar Hornswoggle. What was supposed to be a short run in the WWE became a multi year long deal as he took the ball and ran with it and established himself as a regular WWE superstar. In his first ever shoot interview ever, Dylan Postl, now known as Swoggle sat down with RF VIDEO to discuss his career to date and trust me, he is just getting started.  Dylan took us back to his early days as a wrestling fan and talks about what obstacles he had to deal with growing up with his size. He didn’t sit back and look at it as a negative. He made goals early on in life and knew what he wanted to do because like most wrestling fans, he wanted to get into the business as an active wrestler and he didn’t look at himself any different from anyone else. You will hear about his early days as a fan and how he got broken into the business along with Ken Anderson and other names that you have watched on TV. Was he treated different, did he ever want to quit the business? You will hear all about his training and some of his early matches before he was picked to do a random try out in the WWE.

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Reflections with Lex Luger – The Long Road To Redemption Reflections with Lanny Poffo – Memories of the Macho Man Swoggle Shoot Interview

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