Dean Malenko Shoot Interview

There are very few men in this business that are considered the best at what they do but make no mistakes about it, this man, the man with a 1000 holds is up there on that list and respected by everyone on a global level. Dean Malenko for the first time ever sits down with RF VIDEO to discuss his entire wrestling career and holds nothing back, even discussing the biggest tragedy’s that shook the wrestling world in the mid 2000’s with Eddy Guerrero and Chris Benoit. We cover his entire career from what it was like growing up in a wrestling family. When did his dad smarten him up to the business What are his early memories getting into the business as you will hear it all.

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House of Hardcore 54 6/8/19 Philadelphia, PA

House of Hardcore returned home to the 2300 Arena in South Philadelphia with the debut of THE GREAT MUTA!

1. The Rascalz vs. oVe
2. Moose vs. Luchasaurus
3. Clayton Gainz (with The Double Duprees) vs. Guido Maritato
4. Jordynne Grace vs. Taya Valkyrie (Impact Knockouts Championship)
5. Rich Swann vs. Teddy Hart vs. Willie Mack (Triple Threat for HOH Television Championship)
6. Eddie Edwards vs. Sami Callihan (South Philly Street Fight)
7. Joey Ryan vs. Billy Gunn (Touch It vs. Suck It)
8. Johnny Impact & Michael Elgin (with Taya Valkyrie) vs. Tommy Dreamer & The Great Muta

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In The Ring with Dean Malenko

If you’re a professional wrestler you would want to learn from one of the best technicians of all time. A man who was known to have 1000 holds. You would want to learn from someone who made a name for themselves in Japan, ECW, WCW and WWE. You would want to learn from a man who produced WWE superstars and now is working for AEW producing the next young crop of superstars. This man of course is Dean Malenko and RF VIDEO is bringing you a brand new seminar with one of the worlds best directly into your home. No matter if you’re a wrestler trying to get better or you’re a fan that wants to know the inner workings of the wrestling business, this will teaches you lessons that only a well oiled vet can give you. Pull up your chair and get ready for the wrestling lesson of your life as RF VIDEO presents In the Ring with Dean Malenko. Here is a list of topics that Dean discussed in no particular order and he goes into each topic with tons of insight and examples. This is almost like a shoot interview because he talks all about his career when he uses examples so this really is that awesome.

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Dean Malenko Shoot Interview House of Hardcore 54 6/8/19 Philadelphia, PA In The Ring with Dean Malenko

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