House of Hardcore 18- 9/17/16 Philadelphia, PA

House of Hardcore returned home to the 2300 Arena in South Philadelphia!

1. Lance Anoai vs. Robbie E.
2. John Silver vs. Pat Buck vs. Alex Reynolds
3. Vik Dalishus, TJ Marconi & Eddie Kingston (with The Double Duprees) vs. Team Tremendous & Connor Braxton
4. Tony Nese vs. Chris Hero
5. Swoggle & Brian Myers vs. Mascarita Dorada & The Underground Luchador
6. Sami Callihan vs. Ricochet
7. Tommy Dreamer vs. Broken Matt Hardy (with Rebecca, Senor Benjamin & The Scribe)

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Reflections with Broken Matt Hardy – Broken Brilliance

When the offices at RF Video reached out to Matt Hardy to take part in a reflections interview excitement filled the air. Matt Hardy has managed to transform himself into his “Broken” Matt Hardy character and not only reinvent himself but reinvent the wrestling business. We were excited to have him sit in the chair of reflections with Host Timothy Embler and get inside the mind of the man who had the wresting world buzzing.

From there it was just one strange request or comment after another which left the host shaken and uneasy before the interview even started. Once Matt finally sat down Timothy did manage to get him to answer traditional wrestling questions about his career and past but all the while weaved in was bizarre behavior. At one point Matt slipped into a zombie like trance and began chomping and grinding his teeth together while the host looked on in horror. You can feel the tension grow throughout the interview as Timothy tries to keep his composure but find it more and more difficult by the minute.

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Reflections with Jimmy Garvin – No Apologies

There are people who will always try and say the right thing. People who will tell you one thing then do another. Still those who will try and please everyone around them and those who will put themselves first. Then there is “Jimmy Jam”. A man who was one thing in this life. Himself he makes no apologies, has no regrets, and when he made the decision to walk away from it all , never looked back. You can’t help but admire a man like that. If you were a fan before this interview your admiration will only grow and if you weren’t then get ready to relive the life & times of a legend and be drawn in. He walked the isle with the greats, left the industry better than when he began, and left a lasting impression for the youth to study for generations. His final walk was the most deserving, his strut to the Hall of Fame.

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House of Hardcore 18- 9/17/16 Philadelphia, PA Reflections with Broken Matt Hardy – Broken Brilliance Reflections with Jimmy Garvin – No Apologies

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