Rob Feinstein Shoot Interview

Even though RF Video Inc. began in 1995, Rob Feinstein has been a wrestling fan since the early 80’s. He started trading tapes and eventually started up a videotape business supplying wrestling fans with footage from around the globe. He spent several years traveling with ECW and was there until they went out of business. Rob took the “shoot interview” concept to a new level filming interviews with many of the top stars in the wrestling business. Most recently he started the hottest wrestling promotion in the United States. This is an interview focusing on Rob as a fan and a business owner.

Here are some of the topics discussed:
– Becoming a wrestling fan
– Early WWF memories
– Going to the Spectrum for WWF & Philly Civic Center for NWA
– Sneaking backstage at the Civic Center
– Early memories of Chris Candido & Tammy Sytch
– Early memories of Paul Heyman & the tampon story
– Stories on early tape trading including the Wrestling Observer “tape trading section”
– Going to the hotels to meet wrestlers
– Memories of Joel Goodhart’s show
– Memories of Goodharts trip’s including going to Memphis
– Getting kicked out of Goodhart’s shows
– How RF Video Inc. started
– Memories of woring out of his parent’s house and then moving to an office
– Meeting Tod Gordon
– Working out a deal to sell merchandise at his shows
– Problems that started from his deal to be a dub house for ECW
– His fallout with Tod & Paul Heyman
– Memories of talking to Eddie Gilbert before he died – Early trips to Hamburg & Flagstaff for ECW
– Memories of going to Japan
– Starting the shoot interview concept
– Background stories on many RF Video shoot interviews with discussions on New Jack, Sandman, Shane Douglas, Sid Vicious, Aby, Funk. Vader, Bill Watts, Tully Blanchard, Konnan, Jake Roberts, Road Warriors, Don Muraco, Arn Anderson, Jim Cornette, Barry Windham, Ricky Steamboat, Bobby Heenan, Kevin Sullivan, Sean Waltman, Kristi Myst, & many others
– Why the Shawn Michaels shoot almost didn’t happen
– What happened after the filming of the first Bret Hart shoot in Canada
– What happened after the Missy Hyatt interview
– Meeting Kristi Myst in New York City
– Which shoots were scheduled to take place & why they never happened including the story on the scheduled Ric Flair interview
– Which guys wouldn’t talk about certain topics
– Favorite interviews
– Which interviews didn’t come out how the way he expected them to
– Memories of being on the road with ECW & going to different cities
– Memories of traveling with Doug, Gabe, Super Crazy, & Tajiri
– Being chokeslammed by 911
– Doing the 7- 11 gimmick in the BWO
– Starting the Pro Wrestling Shops
– Why they didn’t work out
– Firing Eric Garguilo & what led to the decision
– Being around ECW in the final days
– Going to indy shows after being with ECW
– Meeting The SAT
– Starting a relationship with CZW in 2001
– How did the original problems between RF Video & CZW start
– What led to a change in the original deal
– Why did the relationship being again at the end of 2001
– How did his company conflict with CZW and how both sides split again
– Problems with 3PW
– How did the concept for a new promotion start
– Details on starting a promotion
– Memories of the first show
– What he thought running a promotion would be like & what the reality is
– Starting TV & its future
– Why it takes so long for the VHS & DVD to come out
– How his promotion has affected his relationship with other indies
– Favorite shows
– Favorite matches
– Story behind XPW claiming that RF Video said they could use the company address in PA to get their security bond for running shows in Philly
– How the deal came about where he & CZW worked together
– Thoughts on the internet
– Reaction to Vampiro’s recent comments in another interview
– Plus a lot more including RF Video’s Doug Gentry sitting in with his comments for the final 15 min. of the interview