On The Road with Raven

RF VIDEOs fan favorite On the Road series hit a new high water mark recently as we took a little trip with one of the greatest minds in wrestling today, Raven. If you thought our On the Road with the Honky Tonk Man On the Road DVD was amazing, well, this new release just gave that one the shake, rattle and roll!!!

The DVD starts off as the staff at RF VIDEO went on a wild shopping spree with Raven in New Hope, PA. You will shop with Raven as he buys a lot of cool new gimmicks for his house and even ring gear. You will be able to see a side of Raven that you have never seen before while experiencing something in wrestling that very few fans will ever get a chance to be a part of.

From New Hope, we traveled to the Baltimore airport a week later to pick up Raven for his MCW debut. The car ride was very entertaining as Raven had a lot to say about various subjects, including Philadelphias infamous Uncle Eddie. We followed Raven straight into the locker room as he arrived to the venue and greeted wrestlers. You will even get to watch Raven get checked out by the Maryland State Athletic Commission. This is the type of exclusive backstage access that you cant get anywhere else!

On past Raven DVDs, he talked about what it takes to put a successful wrestling match together. For example, what a heel and babyface should do when they get out in front of the crowd. On this DVD, Raven puts his money where his mouth is, and you will see everything unfold first hand for over two and a half hours! You will see everything, and we mean EVERYTHING that went on that night, including Raven going over his match with Nick Berk (who had just been on Monday Night Raw in a skit with Cryme Time. The amazing thing about watching this DVD is that you will see Raven on top of his game as he was put in charge of a angle that started before his match with five other workers that included Christian York and MCW owner Dan Mcdevitt. You will see the genius booking skills, as Raven plotted out everything from the start to the finish. Not only did Raven put the angle together, but he tied everything into his match; from the pre match promos to everything after his match as well. Never before has Raven allowed anyone to watch what goes on behind the curtain. This is a once in a lifetime offer that all true wrestling fans will not want to miss!

Raven taught everyone who was in the locker room some of the most valuable lessons of what it means to be a heel and a babyface. You will be a fly on the wall as never before with RF VIDEO being able to bring exclusive footage like no other. If you always wanted to see what goes on behind the scenes before a match between two artists, it does not get any better than this. There is also a lot of locker room stuff going on in between with other wrestlers, like Danny Doring, telling some funny stories. This is as close as you can get to being part of a pro-wrestling locker room without being one of the boys.

RF VIDEO had its camera rolling after the match as well. We not only followed Raven out through the curtain to film his match, but after the match we will take you once again into the locker room as Raven went over the match with Nick Berk and told him everything that the youngster did right and wrong in the ring. You have seen our older shoots wtih Raven, so you know how entertaining he can be. This DVD was right up there with some of the classic Raven moments backstage. See what it is really like to on the Road with Raven and you will get the best (almost three hours long) wrestling lesson of your life!