Curt Hawkins Shoot Interview

There is major excitement in the air because RF VIDEO just conducted the first ever shoot interview with Curt Hawkins where Curt talked about his career in the WWE and how he got to the dance. This is a interview that you can watch start to finish a few times in one day and never get bored of his stories.

Curt was a huge wrestling fan growing up as we discuss his days as a WWE fan which led him to get trained for the very first time by the late and great Chris Candido and Ball Mahooney camp which was run by Frank Goodman. You will hear how he went on to get trained by Mikey Whipwreck and his time in NYWC until Tommy Dreamer discovered him and got him a try out with Zack Ryder in the WWE. Curt tells a great story on how he had got signed to a WWE contract but had to finish his semester of college before he would be able to leave for the WWE Deep South school and you won’t believe what he did to finish off the semester and how he never went to another class for a few months after he got the deal but stayed on campus.

Once Curt got signed to the WWE it was off to one of the most brutal and still to this day talked about WWE developmental territories the Deep South office run by Jody Hamilton and Bill Demott. We talk about the grueling schedule and drills that Bill had him do. We talk about all the rumors on how Bill was as a trainer and even touch on the Kevin Matthews and Bill Demott hate issues. You will hear first hand on how Deep South got shut down the day Johnny Ace surprised the camp and told them he was closing everything down with in 30 minutes as he pulled up a Uhaul with Mike Bucci AKA Nova and told them to take everything down and that if anyone returned to the camp they would be fired!!! Curt was told to meet Johnny Ace at hooters to find out his fate the same day which was to debut in ECW.

You will hear what it was like the first time he was at TV for the company and what it was like not to be able to change in the locker room. What happened when he went up to the Undertaker and asked permission to change in the locker room. You will hear about how Chris Benoit took him under his wing at TV. What happened the first time that Curt and Zack Ryder did TV when they went into the locker room of the vets and put their bags in there not knowing protocol and what did Bob Holly do to them and who saved their lives. This interview just gets better and better as Curt talks about forming the team with Zack Ryder and how they came up with the idea to be with Edge as this was their own idea that they pitched to Michael Hayes and Edge that got over with the office. He talks about working with Edge and how much of an incredible talent he was to work with and what he learned with him. Curt talks about working with Ric Flair and HBK and what happened the night that Flair bled all over him in that Smackdown cage match and what happened in the locker room before and after the match. Do you want to know what happened the night that Batista invited the top guys to his house in Tampa for a party and Curt just happened to be in the car with CM Punk his best friend and what did Batista do when he opened the door? Why was Miz banned from changing in the locker room for a year? Curt talks about the rise and fall of his tag team with Zack Ryder and why the office might not have got behind Zack Ryder and we discuss his best friends youtube show and what ramifications it cost him over the years. Trust me we get into some great stories here, including his own cartoon series that he was apart of that got him some heat with Tyler Reks..How did Curt come up with the gimmick to carry the cane to the ring and who did he steal that from?

Curt talks about working down for FCW on his own dime and why he went there when WWE had nothing for him. Vince McMahon was behind a major push that Curt was about to get from the advise of HHH, as they gave him a new gimmick. You will hear one of the craziest weeks of his life on how he got the news that he was going back on the road full time for Smackdown, to getting a new action figure and about to get the push of his life, backed by Vince himself only to have everything get yanked from him when he showed up at TV because his partner had quit the company. What was the gimmick and what did Curt do to prepare himself for it. How frustrated was he when he was put on the side lines when he got hurt. To add salt to the wound what did Arn Anderson say to him in passing?

While the Rock was filming GI Joe in New Orleans he was also getting ready to make his return to the WWE. He had some ring rust and he needed to train with someone to get him back into ring shape. WWE sent Joe Henning and Curt Hawkins to be paired with the Rock at secret locations that nobody would know about until 24 hours before their workout sessions. Curt talks about being in Queens NY in the morning and being flown to secret warehouses in New Orleans to train with the Rock only to be back in NY that night by only getting a phone call with a few hours notice. What was his relationship like with the Rock and how the Rock treated him as their friendship grew. What did Curt get to be apart of by hanging with the Rock and you will hear all the inside stories on the Rocks sessions including practice matches that he had to wrestle and act as John Cena against the Rock. This story is worth the DVD alone. What was John Cena like to be around..why did he think CM Punk quit the company….there is just story after story on his near decade in the WWE and this shoot interview delivers some of the best inside stories of all time.


What are your earliest memories of the business?

Were you a fan growing up?

What was the moment you wanted to start training?

Were you familiar with ECW and the indies or were you just a WCW/WWF

How did you discover Mikey Whipwreck’s training school?

What was the training like?

You first met Zack Ryder while you were training and wrestling for NYWC
– what was he like when you first met him?

Who were some of the talents that were training there that really stood

Was there anyone training there that you thought could have made it but
for whatever reason it didn’t happen?

What were the best lessons Mikey taught you about life in the business?

How did you first end up on the WWE radar?

Talk about your WWE tryout?

Initial thoughts on Johnny Ace and Tommy Dreamer?

Where did the Major Brothers tag team name come from?

Talk about life in WWE developmental when you were in Deep South
Wrestling – what was an average week like training and working there?

What was Jody Hamilton like?

Compare the WWE developmental training to training in the NYWC?

There’s obviously a ton of things that are said about Bill DeMott – do
you think he was a bully that was out to hurt people?

He wrote in his book that he never did anything that the WWE office
didn’t instruct him to do – what do you think of him saying that? Do
you think he was just the guy who’s job it was to be the bad guy?

DeMott described you in his book as one of his guys – did you feel that
way when you were training?

Memories of the following talents when they were in DSW and why you
think they did or didn’t succeed in the WWE developmental system?

Angel Williams/Angelina Love
Derrick Neikirk
Eric Perez
Zack Ryder
G-Rilla/Brodus Clay
Shantelle Taylor
Mike Knox
Mike & Tracy Taylor
Matt Striker
Freakin’ Deacon/Luke Gallows
Chris Rombola
Oleg Prudius/Vladimir Kozlov
Kristall Marshall
Kenny Omega
Michelle McCool
Dan Rodimer
Trenesha Biggers/Rhaka Khan
Nick Mitchell
Krissy Vain
Jack Swagger
Kofi Kingston
Palmer Cannon
Elijah Burke
Danny Giomondo/Inferno
Ray Gordy
Ryan O’Reilly/Conor of Ascension
Jay Bradley
Kevin Matthews

You were there when all the problems between DeMott and Kevin Matthews
began – what do you remember about it during that time period?

DeMott wrote in his book that what screwed up Matthews was that he
couldn’t get over breaking up with Kristi Matthews when they were all
in DSW – do you think that’s a fair assessment?

Who do you think would win a fight between Matthews and DeMott?

Do you recall DSW getting TV on MavTV and WWE being upset about it?

Talk about DeMott’s “Made A Deal” day that led to Melissa Coates in the
ring with a naked male wrestler, a photo that Kevin Matthews later
posted online.

Do you think it’s fair for someone to put that out there?

There’s a rumor that MVP once wanted to pull a gun on Demott- have you
ever heard that one?

Any good Big Vito stories from when he was in DSW?

Were you surprised when DSW was shut down? Why do you think it didn’t
work? Who do you blame?

When you were in developmental, what sort of feedback would you get
from the office?

How available were Mike Bucci, Tommy Dreamer and Johnny Ace in terms of
getting help and feedback?

Any favorite memories of wrestling on DSW events?

How often were there live events being booked outside of the training

When did you find out you were moving up to the ECW brand?

Memories of your ECW debut?

What were the early locker room rules that you had to learn?

Did anyone take you under their wing to help you early?

What mistakes do guys make when they are backstage at WWE for the first

Were you happy when they made the decision to move you to Smackdown?

Memories of working with:

Deuce and Domino
Jesse and Festus
Paul Burchill & Dave Taylor

Memories of challenging Matt Hardy and MVP on Smackdown for the Tag

Where did the idea to turn you heel and have you with Edge come from?

What was your reaction when you learned about it?

Where did the Curt Hawkins name come from?

What was Edge like to work with?

Did you feel that once you guys became the Edgeheads you had finally
found your spot in the company?

Talk about what it’s like dealing with the WWE Creative team when
filming backstage vignettes?

Memories of working with Vickie Guerrerro?

You had the chance to work with Batista during his feud with Edge –
memories of dealing with him backstage and working with him?

Memories of working with CM Punk and Rey Mysterio?

Dave Lagana who had been writing ECW, was let go at the start of 2008.
Any memories of dealing with him that stand out?

Being a NYC guy, how special was it for you to work MSG at the 2008
Royal Rumble show?

Why is the Garden so special in comparison to so many other Arenas that
WWE runs?

Memories of working with Undertaker while he was feuding with Edge?

Memories of working in a cage with Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels?

Talk about the WWE’s international touring and how different those
tours were in comparison to the domestic shows?

What was the best and worst part of working as a second for Edge? Do
you think WWE allowed you to develop your own personalities during that
time period? Did you even care or were you just happy to be on TV?

What happened that Bam Neely was in and out of WWE so quickly?

Memories of the Edge-Vickie Guerrero wedding angle?

Memories of working Finlay and Hornswoggle?

Memories of working John Morrison and Miz?

How awesome was it to win the WWE Tag Titles in your hometown at the
2008 Great American Bash?

Memories of that night?

Was it a big deal to you to win the belts or just business as usual?

Were you treated different backstage by the WWE officials?

Does it bother you that the Tag belts aren’t as important as they were
when you were growing up?

Colt Cabana came in as Scotty Goldman – why do you think he didn’t work
out in WWE?

Want to throw some names at you and have you give your memories of
working and dealing with them in WWE during this time period that we
haven’t brought up yet:

Chavo Guerrero
Big Daddy V
Teddy Long
Kelly Kelly
Jamie Noble
Jimmy Yang
Shannon Moore
Big Show

As champions, you worked with The Colons and Jesse and Festus –
favorite memories of the Tag title run?

Thoughts on the decision to have you drop the belts to the Colons?

Were you let down when you found out you were being moved back to ECW
in the 2009 Draft?

Memories of working as a Lumberjack at Wrestlemania 25 and thoughts on
what it’s like being part of the biggest wrestling week of the year?

You quietly disappear from TV. Does WWE explain to you why this

How does someone who is in that position keep himself from getting
depressed and feeling left out? Do you pitch ideas? What are some of
the ideas that you remember pitching?
Were you bummed the team with Ryder just quietly ended?

Is it true you offered to go to FCW to work there and help out? What
made you decide to voluntarily go there?

What were the differences between FCW and DSW?

How did the Dude Busters tag team get put together?

Why do you think Trent Baretta and Caylen Croft never really had a
chance to make their mark on the main roster?

How worried are you about getting let go at this point?

You finally return to the Smackdown roster in May 2010 teaming with
Vance Archer – memories of working with Archer?

Where did the “30 day contract” thing come from?

Obviously WWE had some initial plans for the team as they had you
attacking MVP and Christian early on – so what happened that made them
cool off in your opinion? Why dud they split you off so quickly?

Memories of the feud with Trent Baretta in WWE?

What’s the difference between working TV on Raw and Smackdown and the
secondary shows like Superstars?

You end up back on Raw in 2011 – are you excited about being back on
the top brand?

How do you end up teaming with Tyler Reks? Thoughts on him?

When the decision was made to add the team to NXT, were you let down
because it was back to a secondary show?

Memories of working with:
Percy Watson
Titus O’Neill
The Usos
Brodus Clay
Yoshi Tatsu
Johnny Curtis
Derrick Bateman/EC3

Where did you get the idea for carrying the cane?

Where did the idea for Hawkins and Reks feuding with Striker come from?

Memories of that storyline that stick out?

Memories of working with Ryback – was he as rough in the ring as he’s

Just as the team seemed to be poised for a push,. Reks announced he had
quit the business to be with his family. Were you upset with him about
that? Did you know it was coming? Did you feel like you had missed
your chance again?

Before Reks left you had an animated series “Midcard Mafia” that WWE
objected to – explain what the series was, why WWE crapped on it and
whether we’ll ever see it again?

You had knee surgery shortly thereafter. Where did you get hurt?

You returned working undercard matches and appearing for NXT from that
point on. How frustrating is it to work for WWE and be under contract
but not being used regularly. What’s it like living your life on egg
shells waiting for them to call you at the last minute?

There was talk internally of putting you and Zack back together as a
team within the last 18 months – why didn’t that happen?

What are your thoughts on Zack making himself a star with social media?

What sort of reactions did you see from management and the locker room
to what he accomplished?

When WWE killed him off, what was the reaction of the boys?

Did it feel like no matter how hard you worked, it didn’t matter?

What happened to your “Calling Spots” Youtube show?

Were you surprised when WWE called and released you?

Do you think it was fair of WWE to move PPVs to the Network and not
explain to the boys what the pay differences will be?

You’ve had a chance to get back in the independent scene already – what
are the differences between when you were in NYWC back in and the day
and now?

You and Pat Buck opened a training center in Long Island. Did you
worry about NYWC having heat with you over basically becoming
competition to them? What led to you wanting to open the school?

Do you still enjoy wrestling after so many start/stop years working for

Thoughts on WWE under HHH and Stephanie?

The Performance Center?

Who are the indy talents you are really looking forward to wrestling?

Any final comments for all your fans?