<span itemprop="name">Rock N Roll Express Shoot Interview</span>
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Rock N Roll Express Shoot Interview

Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson need no introduction to longtime fans. They were at the top of the sport everywhere they went in the 80s from Memphis to Bill Watts Mid-South to the NWA. Both members of the RocknRoll Express came to the RF Video offices to tell all about their long and legendary careers. This is a very up front shoot. You wont believe what Ricky Morton has to say about Kevin Nash.

-How they both got started.
-Both of their families involvement in the business.
-Their singles careers in Alabama and Tennessee in the late 70s and early 80s.
-Robert talks about teaming with his brother Ricky.
-Being a singles in Memphis.
-How they were brought together as the RocknRoll Express in Memphis.
-Who created their outfits?
-Opinions of Jerry Lawler, Dutch Mantel and Bill Dundee.
-What did they think of similar tag teams at the time like The Fabulous Ones and The Fantastics?
-The jump from Memphis to Bill Watts Mid-South.
-What was Watts like to work with?
-Beginning of the feud with The Midnight Express and Jim Cornette.
-You wont believe how afraid Ricky Morton was of the scaffold matches.
-They discuss how much smaller they were and why all the big guys wanted to work with them.
-Why were they nervous the first time they wrestled the Road Warriors?
-They talk about their popularity and how going in public was impossible.
-The jump to the NWA.
-Continuing the feud with the Midnights in the NWA.
-Winning the tag titles from The Russians.
-Their rise and success in the NWA.
-The scoop on Ric Flair and the rest of the Horsemen.
-Why did they leave NWA?
-Working in AWA one time against The British Bulldogs.
-Working Memphis against each other.
-Going to WCW.
-Ricky vents about Kevin Nash.
-They reveal what the drug scene is like.
-Lots of great road stories.
-You wont believe some of the practical jokes they used to pull.
-Their future and more.