Mid-South Wrestling Legends Summit

One of the most revered eras in pro wrestling came from the Mid South. Bill Watts and his Mid South/UWF wrestling is remembered for hot angles, superstar babyfaces, and an outlaw attitude that went all the way up to the top. For the first time era, RF Video will share its story with five players who were there through thick and thin. It is with great honor that RF Video Inc presents the first-ever Mid-South Wrestling Legends Summit.

This roundtable goes beyond the Mid South territory. The roundtable features wrestlers from all roles in the Mid South Wrestling promotion. Manager Skandor Akbar, booker Bill Dundee, babyfaces Brad Armstrong and Tim Horner (who joined us in the second hour), and the legend Steve “Dr. Death” Williams participate in a one of a kind video that will entertain you from the minute you press play to the time they all say good bye.

This video goes well beyond Mid South. All five guests offer anecdotes and tales from all stops along their wrestling careers. Quite frankly, RF Video just sat back and asked very little questions as these guys had a great time reminiscing with each other about their careers. We knew this was going to be good as these guys were laughing and telling stories as we began to prepare production for the interview. What we captured on video went well beyond our expectations and is a must-see for anyone that has watched pro wrestling in any era.

The first topic discussed was the legendary Bill Watts. All of our guests offered tales and stories about the Cowboy. Bill Dundee goes into great detail and recounts the story about how he wound up booking for Bill Watts. Bill has a great story about his first night in the company and his initial impressions. Bill also recalls Bill Watts’ five rules and who broke them. Skandor Akbar tells some tremendous stories involving Kamala, the Von Erichs, and Bill Watts. All of our guests have tremendous respect and admiration for Bill Watts and you will hear exactly why.

All of these guys had their individual stories as well as their Mid South memories. Brad Armstrong and Steve Williams recall the night Brad gave Steve over 100 stitches from a botched elbow. How did Doc react? What was Brad’s biggest fear? This is a legendary story, yet it has never been told by the players themselves until now.

All of the guests were a part of the UWF/Jim Crockett Promotions merger and tell stories about the merger that has never been told before. Skandor Akbar talks in great depth about the series of meetings he had with Bill Watts and Dusty Rhodes. Skandor also has some great stories about the Crockett family including Jim Sr. Bill also reflects back and has a great story about wasted money and when he knew that the Crockett promotion and Dusty Rhodes were in over their heads. This is some great stuff that you haven’t heard anywhere else from major players at the time of the merger.

We also throw out random names and sit back as the panel gives their opinions and stories on the individuals. Bill Dundee tells a fascinating story about how Jerry Lawler ribbed Andre the Giant and what Vince McMahon’s reaction was that changed the way the giant was booked. Skandor also has a great story about a certain wrestler that told Fritz Von Erich that Vince McMahon Jr. was going to go national and Fritz’s reaction. All of the guys also have stories on Ric Flair, Junkyard Dog, Dusty Rhodes, and many more.

What would an interview with a room full of wrestlers be without road stories, rib stories, and fan memories? The guys have some great stories including some wild plane rides that were piloted by a former NWA world champion. Skandor Akbar has a terrifying story about an over zealous fan and how it almost changed his life. What wrestler did Bill Dundee leave on the side of the road? Speaking of the road, you will hear a ton of stories about crazy driving, late night travels, and some bad bathroom situations. The laughs never stop once this crew gets going.

This discussion is about more than just the Mid South territory. It is really about the life of a traveling professional wrestler in the 70s and 1980s. The laughs, the practical jokes, the war stories, and crazy mishaps that went along with territorial wrestling jam packed into this legendary roundtable discussion. It is with great honor and distinction that RF Video Inc presents a one-of-a-kind production, the Mid South Wrestling Summit.