Jason Knight Shoot Interview

The legendary legacy of ECW has been celebrated, retold and relived many times over since its untimely demise in 2001. We have heard from stars from The Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, RVD, Shane Douglas, Sabu, Raven and all the hardcore stars that put the company on the map but up till now you have never heard from a man that was there from the start, the sexiest man alive Jason Knight. In this exclusive first time ever interview, RF VIDEO sits down with the former ECW TV champion and gets his unique take on everything that transpired during his time in ECW.

Jason Knight was part of ECW from the early days of the bingo hall and witnessed and played a role in the astronomical rise of the company that many thought would never make it. Jason worked with many of the hardcore icons who came thru the doors of the famous ECW arena and watched the rise of so many others as well. He lived the hardcore lifestyle and had a front row seat for all the controversy that came along with it. In this explosive interview Jason will tell you what it was like to work with Paul Heyman and give his take on how Paul Heyman changed as the company exploded and changed the wrestling landscape. Jason will take you behind the curtain and give you his memories including the night he was arrested at the Mid Hudson Civic Center and how those in the locker room reacted to the incident. Jason will tell you what life on the road with ECW was really like, including one wild night on the road in Indianapolis with New Jack. He will tell you about his numerous departures and returns into ECW and his tumultuous relationship with Paul Heyman We also go into his prolific run as part of the Impact Players with Justin Credible and Lance Storm, his relationship with Nichole Bass. We also discuss with Jason some of his memorable matches including those with Jazz, Pitbulls, Mikey Whipwreck and so many other stars of ECW, including his blood bath with Tommy Dreamer.

Of course Jason career did not start in ECW, we also discuss his early days in Florida with Kevin Sullivan and his time on TV with Vince McMahon’s WWF. The rise to fame for Jason Knight did not however come without a price, as he has dealt with numerous personal demons thur out his career. Those personal problems culminated years after his departure from wrestling stardom. In this emotional portion of the interview, Jason discusses his bouts with depression and eventual attempt at suicide. Jason has never spoke publicly about these issues before and this portion of the interview really took a toll on him emotionally. He went into detail in an attempt to help others who might be having the same feeling. He also discuses how he was able to dig himself out of that hole and put himself back on the right track.

IN this interview with Jason Knight we cover it all. We talk about his child hood and life in the Serbian national army, his personal fitness regime, life on the indy scene including running his own company and most importantly he tells us what it means to be the sexiest man alive!!

You lived everywhere growing up…Central Europe, Seberia

Dad was a Politician and Mom was a translator and Jewelry designer
Memories of watching wrestling in the 60’s in England
Were you a wrestling fan growing up
What house shows did you go to NWA or WWF
How did you break into the business
Who trained you and who was your mentor
Did Johnny Rodz train you and how was he as a trainer
Memories of Gleasons
Did you ever want to quit the business while learning how to take bumps
What was harder for you to learn…learning how to bump or learning the psychology
Memories of leaving in 82-84 for the army
Did you go back to England around this time until the war started
Memories of your first time on the indy scene and who did you wrestle
What was the promotion you worked for the most
Memories of one of your first matches with Mike Rotunda
Memories of meeting Gary Capetta and Kevin Sullivan
Memories of working Florida in the early 80s for NWA
How did you get dark matches with the WWF
Did anyone in the WWF take you on the side and offer advice
Memories of working with Lex Luger
Memories of your dark match with Mr Hughes in 1993
How did you first meet Paul Heyman
What were your initial impressions of Paul did you like him
Memories of the locker room what were your first thoughts being around all of those guys
Memories of Tod Gordon
Memories of your ECW Debut at Ultra Clash where you teamed up with Ian Rotten to face PE
Memories of being around Public Enemy
Memories working with Canadian Wolfman
Memories of working early ECW TV
You left for about a year and came back working with Mikey Whipwreck memories working with him
Did you like your new gimmick and who came up with it
Who gave you the name Sexiest man alive gimmick was it Paul
was it a take off of the Rick Martell gimmick
Memories working with JT Smith, Rockin Rebel, Hack Myers
Memories teaming up with Dean Malenko to face Mikey and Cactus Jack
Memories working with Too Cold Scorpio
Memories of going to the studio with Paul Heyman when he would produce TV
Memories being put with Perry and John Kronus the Eliminators and did you like them outside the ring.
How out of control was the drug scene in ECW around this time
What kind of drugs were you into
Any good rat stories
What did you learn about the business with your time in ECW
Talk about the early ECW arena shows and the atmosphere in the venue
What was it like after the shows ended at the hotels
Memories working with Konnan to loose in 14 second with Taz as the ref
Did you like Taz or did you think he was a small guy with a big ego
What clique did you hang with the NY/Philly
Memories working for Big Japan
How different was it working over in Japan compared to the style in the states
Memories working with Chris Chetti
Memories with your feud with Blue Meanie worked him at Ultra Jeopardy
Memories of teaming up with Justin Credible
Did you like managing or working better
Memories of doing the Queens shows
What were your favorite towns for ECW
Memories of matches with Dreamer and Mikey
Did you get along with Tommy Dreamer outsider the ring
Memories of managing Lance Storm and Justin Credible
Did you like Lance Storm and how was he outside the ring
Did you like having Nichole Bass around
Thoughts on watching a lot of guys in ECW self destruct with drugs
Memories working with Jerry Lynn
Memories of your match with Tommy Dreamer where he put the barbed wire around your head
Memories working with Sandman and was he hard to work with because of his drinking
What made you leave the company before you came back at Heatwave 99 to work with Jazz
Did you and Paul have a fall out for him to book you to Jazz
Did you get fired in ECW
Talk about your daughter getting sick (leukemia)
Did you see the influence ECW had on WCW and WWE
Did you ever try to go to WCW
Memories of working back on the indy scene
Thoughts on PitBull Anthony, John Kronus passing
Did you see any good locker room fights in ECW
Did you get along with New Jack and thoughts on him
Why do you think ECW closed and what are your thoughts
Memories of working for 3pW
Do you think Jasmine was over her head
What other companies did you work for..Memphis in 2003 worked Abyss
Did you ever try to stay in TNA you worked there with CB Cane against Sonny Siaki and Mike Sanders
Where were you when you found out about One Night Stand
Memories of doing the run in on the second show
Memories of watching RVD vs Cena and how the fans reacted to it
What were your thoughts on the show
Memories of Hardcore Homecoming
Thoughts on all the companies that try to bring back ECW and the reunions
What are the indy companies lacking today
Talk about your wrestling schools that you ran and the training that you train
What is the most valuable lesson that you teach
Talk about ACW and who are some of the names that came out of there
What happened in 2007 where you got really sick and ended up in a coma
Talk about trying to commit suicide and what lead you do attempt that
Lets talk about getting revived with adrenaline to the heart
I read that you knocked Paul Roma and the way he ran his wrestling school what did you not like about it
Is it true you trained Velvet Sky and thoughts on how she got herself over
What have you done since wrestling
Did you produce DVD sets on Fitness and training
Did you work at clubs and if so what did you do
Put the rumor to rest did you do gay porn
Thoughts on the WWE Product
Do you follow TNA at all
Whats wrong with the business today
Thoughts on the problems that Justin Credible had over the years with substance abuse
Thoughts on
Shane Douglas
Terry Funk
Stevie Richards