<span itemprop="name">ECW Hardcore TV Episodes 107-110</span>
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ECW Hardcore TV Episodes 107-110

1. Locer room interview with Cactus/Confrontation with Douglas, Malenko, Benoit, Sandman & Women minor brawl

2. Cactus video/Public Enemy interview

3. Benoit & Malenko vs. Norman Smiley & Mikey

4. Mikey video/Guerrero vs. Malenko clips

5. Raven and Dreamer bar room brawl

6. Cactus vs. Sandman

7. Douglas, Cactus & Sandman locker room altercation

8. Cactus interview

9. Raven and Dreamer Nirvana video

10. Dreamer vs. Raven (gimmicks galore used, Luna Vachon Makes a surprise save, their best match, great)

11. Pitbulls interview, they make fun of Public Enemy

12. Cactus vs. Sandman (Douglas is ref, very entertaining)

13. Cactus interview

14. Taz & 911 vs. Oriental Connection

15. Public Enemy playing tennis

16. Raven & Richards vs. Dreamer & Mikey (Douglas introduces Bill Alfonso)

17. Tod Gordon interview about Alfonso

18. Malenko vs. Guerrero(Taz does commentary)

19. Taz video

20. Raven & Richards interview

21. Sandman vs Cactus