A Corny in the UK: Jim Cornette

A Corny In The UK: The Jim Cornette Documentary

It’s the wrestling documentary we’ve all be waiting for! What happens when you take wrestling’s most outspoken star, drop him in a foreign country, wire him for video and audio 24/7 and follow him for an entire two weeks in a strange land? Wrestle Talk TV presents Jim Cornette like you’ve never seen him before live in the UK! From London to Scotland, Manchester to Wales via Birmingham, don’t miss this incredible once in a life time release.

Approx. runtime: 1hr. 36min.

Jim Cornette School Of Wrestling Knowledge Managing and Booking Seminar

Learn the inner secrets of what it takes to work behind the scenes of pro wrestling as a manager and booker from one of the true greats of the industry. Jim Cornette presents a history making seminar for the School Of Wrestling Knowledge, unlike any ever made available to view before. Recorded in full HD with a multi-camera shoot a a professional TV studio and in front of a live audience as part of his highly acclaimed UK tour, this is an extremely special release that is not to be missed. Jim discusses everything from how he suggests people break into the business today, how to deal with backstage politics, what makes a good manager, how to be a good booker and answers audience questions about working with the biggest names in the business with no filter at all.

Approx. runtime: 2hr. 1min.

Jim Cornette UK Tour Full Events

Jim Cornette live recordings features all four events on individual discs and includes:

Manchester – Night 1 (Runtime: 2hr. 29min.)
Working with and being fired by TNA
Shooting on Russo’s Brawl for All concept
Memories of The Big Bossman
Thoughts on Eric Bischoff
Jim Cornette’s time in ROH
And more!

Birmingham – Night 2 (Runtime: 2hr. 20min.)
The Ultimate Warrior from Jim’s perspective
The real stoy about the Dairy Queen drive through incident
Opinions on Chris Benoit now
Opinions on Dave Meltzer
Problems with Santino Marella in OVW
And more!

London – Night 3 (Runtime: 2hr. 27min.)
Dealing with The Kliq in WWE
The Hickerson Rib Story
Jim shoots on Batista
Owen Hart’s greatest prank ever or not?
The Iron Sheik in a bar story
And more!

Cardiff – Night 4 (Runtime: 2hr. 25min.)
Undertaker/Mankind Hell in a Cell match
The WWE Network and it’s future
Did Hulk Hogan break his own sex tape?
Brock Lesnar in OVW and why they called him Block Lesnar!
Which wrestling deaths have hit Jim hardest?
And more!

Jim Cornette: Uncut, Uncensored & Unleashed

Following the ground breaking release of “A Corny in the UK” which took a never before seen look at one of the wrestling industry’s most outspoken and controversial characters, ‘Uncut, Uncensored and Unleashed!’ gives you another chance to get under the skin of ‘The Louisville Slugger’. Here presented for the first time is a boat load of new content, not shown in the original documentary, that will have you in Cornette heaven!

‘A Corny in the UK’ only scratched the surface of Jim Cornette’s massive 2014 UK tour. With over 3 hours of unseen footage featuring deleted scenes, extended cuts and anything else too obscene for the original documentary, this is a release not to be missed!

See another side of the Burger Challenge, off camera at Wrestle Talk TV, Jim’s personal thoughts and experiences during those long car journeys and a fascinating insight into what goes on in a pro wrestling training session. Join Jim as he coaches talent in the UK, chows down on the local cuisine and shoots the proverbial shit in a way only Jim Cornette can! This is Jim Cornette, up close and personal, Uncut, Uncensored and Unleashed!

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