10 Dollar Rasslin Shoot Interviews

This collection includes 5 interviews from the “stars” of $10 Dollar Rasslin.

This is one of the wildest, craziest, raunchiest shoot interview collections that you will ever see!!!! over 5 hours long!!!!!!

Featuring ……
Big James
Boriss Dukkee with his dominatrix Mistress Meagan
“Angel of Death” John Rare
The Canadian Outlaws: Jeff “Hitman” Hart and Little Donnie
Mr. 256!!! The BMK!!! Bama Mark Kaos

This Shoot collection dives right into controversy the likes you’ve never saw before!!!!!!!!!!

Big James talks about starting out in the backyard wrestling to debuting at Carnage Cup 7 in the pros, and goes into great detail about almost dying in the Hardcore Rumble by getting his head, and ear sliced open and almost bleeding to death… as well as his man wars with Spidar Boodrow. He also addresses the accusations about him trying to seduce and pick up women online.

Boriss Dukkee tells it all about his past as the #1 ranked gigolo in all of Latvia up to when he became a pro-submissive, and the many mistresses that he has served under.. As well as his illustrious wrestling career. He goes on several rants about any, and everybody he doesn’t like from the Iron Shiek to Joey Janella stealing his show ideas, and many more…. This one is nasty folks.

“Angel of Death” John Rare talks about his time on the Southern Indy scene working death matches, Carnage Cup and much more!!!

The Canadian Outlaws: Jeff “Hitman” Hart, and Little Donnie talk about their entire careers starting out in small indys in North Carolina up to being asked to join and be top stars in $5 Dollar Wrestling, then finally becoming mainstays in $10 Dollar Rasslin. This is a must see as they tell all the juicy stories about being on the road, their tastes in women, why they hate Raider Rock, stories about Dynomite getting $5 banned in New Jersey over trying to suck women’s toes, as well as stories about $5 Wrestling champion Freight Train, and much much more!!!!

Finally we close out this collection with a local Alabama legend, Mr. 256 , The BMK, Bama Mark Kaos, he tells all in this emotional and controversial shoot about his past sex crime conviction, to tastes in girls, his lengthy career in the Alabama and deep south indy scene, his face to face altercation in 2007 with Ian Rotten and much much more.